Sunday, June 28, 2009

Colette Patterns Macaron

Normally I kind of let my patterns marinate in my stash until I get a burst of inspiration. I originally had purchased the solid red and cherry print fabric while on vacation in Florida with the intention of starting a vintage pattern- Advance 6675. However, to my sadness and dismay, despite the pattern still being in factory folds, the pattern DID NOT match the envelope or instructions! The initial plan was to use the red fabric for the bodice and the cherry print for the full skirt. Alas sometimes things go awry. So I made lemonade out of lemons, or rather, a Macaron. There haven't been too many reviews yet but the few that there are are favorable, as well as for the whole line.

I am very pleased how this pattern came out. Normally I can be a bit slap dash when it comes to my sewing. This time I actually took the time to press my seams when indicated and even interfaced the neck facings. I accidentally interfaced the contrast waist band. No harm done. I love this pattern and recommend it highly!

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