Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peggy Wood Tribute Dress

And we're back! I have been sewing. I just haven't been taking pictures or blogging about it. It's one part hating having my picture taken, one part annoyance over transferring pictures to my computer and one part having a slow computer. I saw this gorgeous Peggy Wood sarong on Etsy Peggy Wood Sarong dress and fell instantly in love. It would never fit even in my thinnest days but that is why draping is such a valuable tool. You know the Big 4 aren't going to make a pattern for this one.  Luckily I have the best draping teacher ever! She helped me work out the twists and turns on this pattern and I'm so happy how it turned out. It's hard to tell with the print but it does look like my inspiration photo. I ended up using my tnt circle pattern that I draped last summer.

Some construction notes:
  • Silk organza underlined bodice
  • Seam lines marked by hand
  • Lined bodice
  • Horse hair braid on full circle skirt hem (makes hemming so much easier).  If I were making a formal dress, I would have underlined the skirt and catch stitched the horse hair to the organza.
  • Lapped back center zipper
I am in love with this dress and will make many more. Next time I may attach the bodice lining by hand as it was kind of tricky to line the bodice close to the top of the cups without stitching over them. I will also understitch the sweetheart neckline better.

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