Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I'm a Lazy Sewist!

Lately I've been embracing lazy sewing, ie. no muslin, minimal hand sewing, etc. I know at some point I'll be getting back to sewing more involved projects, ie. my Style Arc Ziggi motorcycle jacket. I just haven't been in the mood for muslining though I did cut out a Cambie muslin so maybe I'm moving away from laziness?

Anyhow this was a productive weekend, I finished a pseudo Zinnia skirt and this April Rhodes Staple Dress . I chose the straight hemline with pockets. Admittedly it's maybe not the most flattering silhouette on me, through no fault of the pattern. I lowered the neckline into a scoop neck and used five rows of shirring. I think it would look best on a smaller bust with a larger waist to hip ration. That said I really like it for it's easy to wearness and how comfortable it is on a hot day. It also worked well with my stash. I used 3 yards of a scotty dog directional quilting cotton and felt like the combination worked well. I'm a bit larger that the measurements but there was more than enough ease so I think that someone with larger measurements than I could make it up no problem. I think I will make it up again because it's just so darn comfy.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

...And we're back!

I haven't been sewing much, just here and there working on my corset. I did finish this easy top by Jennifer Lauren Vintage. It was the perfect project to get back into sewing. I rebelled and didn't even make a muslin! No darts or pleats made this really appealing. Just an easy to wear vintage-inspired top. I made the size 20 but took an additional 5/8" off of the side seams and took a little bit off the front seam. Normally I measure my flat pattern but I was kind of stumped about how to go about this as it has kimono sleeves and wasn't sure where the armscye would end. I contacted Jennifer and she suggested measuring right when the sleeve ends. There's a bit of ease as it's meant to be a pull over top. I found that even though my measurements are slightly larger, I had no problems with the pattern. I used quilting cotton which was fine but I think Liberty lawn would have been better. However, I tend to buy my LL in 3 yard increments and I would have had 1 yard left over. I didn't want to "waste" the LL as I'm just not thin enough to eke out another project with 1 yarn of fabric. I'm not really one for mixing fabrics either. This is a great wearable muslin. I could have taken off more on the sides but I didn't want to ruin the easy to wear factor my making it too fitted. The length is perfect for me too. I think it was designed to be tucked in which I will never do but it falls just where I like it.

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