Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to read the instructions (or what I should have learned in school but never did)

This blouse looks good. In fact it's one of the best blouses I've ever made. The collar is properly interfaced. The buttonholes look decent. The sleeves don't have too many puckers. It fits the dressform great. Unfortunately said dressform is dialed down as small as it can go. And I was this size... once. Not even that long ago relatively speaking. Sigh I had high hopes for this blouse as it was going so swimmingly. I love this print which is a deviation from my normal novelty/skulls/tattoo motif fabrics. I even took the darts out. Double sigh. Of course I trimmed the seam allowances next to nothing before I realized it didn't fit. Must get going hardcore with the Wii. Just in case, I will order more fabric. I'm not sure if I want to remake the same pattern. Is it cursed? Going forward I will pay more attention to the finished size. Or I will re-check my measurements.

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