Sunday, August 30, 2009


After the debacle of the last top, I'm glad that this one came out so well.  A commenter suggested wearing it open over another shirt.  I hadn't thought of that but that might be the way to go until/if I make another one.  I will purchase more of the same fabric but I'm once bitten, twice shy.

Anyway, I will be participating in a wardrobe contest on  After we came home from the car show last night I had an itch to sew.  I will be using 9 vintage patterns and 1 repro pattern.  One pattern I've used before and the rest are new to me.  As we are allowed to muslin, I've decided to start working on muslins for the tops.  I'm less concerned about fitting the skirts.  I chose Butterick 6927 as it seemed like the easiest to re-size at 11pm.  I used the Kenneth King method of using my sloper to compare to my pattern.  Based on the comparison, it looked like I only needed to add to the side seam allowance.  Luckily this pattern uses neckline gathers and released darts for shaping.  I didn't need really worry about bust points which I would have to if it had a bust dart.  I ended up taking out almost 2 1/2 inches at the bust during the fitting but the waist fit perfectly.  Because the sloper and pattern match looked good, I decided to cut into my good quilting cotton rather than using the plain muslin. 

The only change I made other than the sizing issue was to bind the armholes as well.  I love this top and will re-make it not just for the contest but in other fabrics.


Trudy Callan said...

This is going to be a very lovely top.

Rachel said...

That fabric is so nice. Where did you source it from? All of your blouses are looking lovely!

Sickofitcindy said...

Thanks Ladies :)
Rachel, this is a quilting cotton. I think I purchased it from Equilter. I want to say it's Alexander Henry but I'm not positive.

Susan said...

It looks like an Alexander Henry fabric I was interested in making into a corset. It looks great!

Sickofitcindy said...

I'd love to see that corset when you're done!

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