Thursday, March 21, 2013

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I'm not sure why I need to claim my blog. I guess if everyone jumped off a cliff, I'd jump with them!

Just so this isn't a pictureless blog post, here's the newest kitty to follow me home.


Rosie said...

Kitteh is gorgeous. LOL I liked how you say the kitty followed you home. Are you feeling better today?

Sickofitcindy said...

Slowly improving. Thanks :) I'm not even kidding. I'm the pied piper of homeless cats in Brooklyn. Our first cat followed me home too. I think they can tell I'm a softie for fuzzy buddies. It's hard to turn them away.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I found you on Map the Sewintists (sorry if that's creepy). I'm looking to start a NYC sewing circle- some skilled hobbyists to help each other new learn things and navigate the garment district with. Maybe even have a sew-in or two. If you're interested, please email me:

kbrainbridge [at] gmail [dot] com


Suzanne said...

So great to see you yesterday, CIndy! I had to lurk your blog to message the kitty!

Unknown said...

HI Cindy,

My name is Amanda Young. I'm one of the producers working on the new American version of "The Sewing Bee." I just spoke with Suzanne and she mentioned you might be interested in applying. I think you should! I think you would be great and she said so too. Let me know if you want to apply! You can contact me at

Thanks! :)

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